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Outdoor Recreation Leaders Program

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Are you a community leader interested in bringing your group to the outdoors? The Outdoor Recreation Leaders Program is designed for you to organize safe and sustainable trips into public lands.

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Leaders will develop the skills to bring groups out to enjoy our public lands safely, while creating memories that will last a lifetime! There are challenges involved with taking groups into nature, but being prepared with the Outdoor Recreation Leaders Program can mitigate risks and improve your outdoor experience for all participants.

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The Outdoor Recreation Leadership Program (ORLP) offers a tiered training curriculum to help community leaders organize safe and sustainable trips into public lands. Our goal is to serve more than 400 people in our community through this program.

The training curriculum addresses natural resource protection issues, illegal use issues on public lands, agency rules and regulations, as well as legal trail and road use options.

Outdoor Recreation Leadership Program

Who is it for?

We are looking for groups located in Southern Nevada to participate in these free inaugural trainings. The following areexamples of organizations we anticipate will be an ideal fit forthis program, but anyone who is interested should apply!

  • School groups
  • Clubs
  • Corporate teams
  • Nonprofit groups
  • Scout troops
  • Church groups

What You'll Learn

Some of the Outdoor Recreation Leaders Program training priorities are:

  • Inclusion in the outdoors
  • Leave No Trace principles
  • Day trip basics
  • Camping basics
  • Orientation to public lands near Clark County
  • First Aid
  • Navigation tips
  • Water safety tips

Community Partner

Get to know our partner!

Utah Tech University

We are fortunate to partner with the Outdoor Leadership Academy team at Utah Tech University to host the Outdoor Recreation Leaders Program.

The Outdoor Leadership Academy is funded by the National Park Service and includes both Southern Utah University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas, as well as regional school districts in outreach to provide life-changing experiences and leadership development in public lands for underrepresented youth.

They offer a diverse series of activities designed to inspire an appreciation for our public lands for regional high school and college students throughout the calendar year.

The success of the Outdoor Leadership Academy inspired the idea for the Outdoor Recreation Leaders Program, so community leaders can spark life-changing experiences for members of our community in public lands.

Past Events

Check out what we’ve been up to!

Vegas Roots Community Garden Campout

Vegas Roots Community Garden Campout

The Outdoor Recreation Leaders Program hosted a camping basics workshop at the Vegas Roots Community Garden Campout for families on October 25, 2021.

Vegas Roots Community Garden Campout